Saturday, January 1, 2011

Question marks ???

There are a lot of questions in my mind about the ET life. I 'm , gonna to share them trough this blog, at least I can organize my thoughts.
the first is how can a ET life can be distinguished?
the only example of life we had seen is Earth living mechanizes. I say the carrier of life in the Earth is Carbon, what about the other planets?
the other possible carrier is Nitrogen. My assumption is based on the properties of this two elements properties such as Combination Ability with other elements and the possibility to find them in semi calm situation.
* semicalm situation : not so high and neither so cold temperature ( the Energy is different type ), not high amount radiation and so on, such as the situation on the Earth surface or beneath of Earth oceans.
please take a look at Periodic Elements Table.
second the world unfairness: this world is unfair, you can see the deserts and sees, the amount of water is not equally spread. the same situation exist for other elements and phenomenons at this world. the Energy, different elements, the roads to reach some resource, also in one word the resources are not distributed all over the mater world fairly. based on this talk, there is possible to ET Civilization Trade, Competition, Taking under domination, Ownership, Transportation, Communication and Money would be meaningful.
so how could these ideas be for ET civilizations?