Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To Readers

First I categorize the idea which I have, second I do research about the issue. then I let me some time to understand completely the articles which I read. After that I do imagination about the subject then I start to write a draft with main points. then reordering the points or even sometimes change their order or add some new or delete ones, so I start the main writing process. it took time and it's the reason that my blog gets updated so slowly. My own jobs and duties must add up and then the updating times makes sense ;)
Thank you again for your patience, interest and courage.


Thanks to all of you, who read my first blog
may be it seems that I 'm updating my blog so slowly. But at first I must say I have an idea in my mind, and I'm gonna to share it with you, I mean the hole story. The hole story is meeting aliens and foreign civilizations, the thing which is in my mind all the time ;) how they could be, how would be the meeting process, what are the advantages and challenges of meeting alien civilization or things like that, always I think about those things.
I have my made universe inside my mind. Before I get able to tell the main stories I must explain some issues such as meaning of life, the meaning of logic and intelligence, the phenomena of to be civilized and so on. So I started my blog with such articles, I hope these aren't boring and would help me to explain my ideas better.
In this blog I would discuss the ideas, so I'm waiting for your comments, criticisms also helps and ideas.