Sunday, July 26, 2009

the Milky way

it's know that we are living in a galaxy. a spiral galaxy just like a lot of other galaxies in the universe.but if dose anybody see the other side of our galaxy?
only at nights the galaxy's stellar arms can be seen. Let me explain with a more simple example. if somebody in in a car he can't see the car, only if he comes out and takes a loot at the car. so if we are in a galaxy called milky way and since now nobody gets out of the galaxy to be able to see the hole galaxy. the picture in the right corner is the meteor streaks across the sky form the Earth. [see the page]
One day it would be possible to make journeys just in few milliseconds around the milky way. But how? I know ;) something just like "Google Earth" yes it's possible it's enough to have the first pictures from the other side and hole view of milky way.
No human made thing is got away or leaved the solar system yet except "Voyager 2". only a few signals were received from it a couple of years ago after finishing it's mission and getting out from solar system showing it's working. for more information about Milky Way click here.
The left corner picture is a Artist's conception of the spiral structure of the Milky Way with two major stellar arms and a bar[see the page]. Milky way has to major staler arms, more than 100K light-years length and more than 1000 light-years thick, 200 up to 400 Billions of stars and is about 13.2 Billions years old.
Also there is some nythological explanation for the name of Milky Way galaxy.
In Persian nythology galaxy is called the way of straw carrier . and the milky way is called the same as the milk poured way. Ancient Armenian Nythology called the Milky Way the "Straw Thief's Way". According to legend, the god Vahagn stole a straw from the Assyrian king Barsham and brought it to Armenia during a cold winter. When he fled across the heavens, he spilled some of the straw along the wayin[see the page]. The Greek name for the Milky way is derived from the word for milk gala. One legend explains how the Milky Way was created by Heracles when he was a baby[see the page].

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